TOP smiled and waved to a fan in a wheelchair as he threw her the towel.# Thank You UTOPIA.

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Ex-YG Trainee Euna Kim collaborating with MFBTY!

Feel Ghood Music: “MFBTY x EunaKim project coming soon. #mfbty @DrunkenTigerJK @Yoonmirae @Bizzionary @FGHmusic”

*NOTE: Yoon Mi Rae as a judge first met Euna Kim at Superstar K3 in 2011, Euna Kim was then recruited by YG and trained to be in an upcoming girl group. She left YG in June of 2013 to study.

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skytempo // springtempo [x]

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a fabulous high kick

his leg was higher than my grades

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taehyung having way too much fun alone 
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I am not joking or trying to exaggerate any reality when I say I spent my entire day watching AKMU’s Melted.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mv that fits so perfectly with the song. Every frame went with every beat and pause in the music and the cinematography is BEAUTIFUL. I think anyone could relate to the story-line at some point and the symbolism was continuous throughout the story. AND even though the mv was more diverse than usual kpop mvs, it didn’t feel forced or out of the blue. everything just fits really well and had meaning.

if you haven’t watched it, go. now. but have a box of tissues on hand.

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Pharrell on his time working at McDonald’s

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i wonder how many tries they went through for jongin’s heart before they just gave up and used this cut


he tries so hard


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Okay T.O.P !!

Cr: to owner (on gifs)

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